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Hello there! I'm Cierra, I'm a 19 year old college student, certified yoga instructor just trying to love myself and others more every day. Enjoy the blog!

Running Plan

So I want to start challenging myself a bit more with my running, so I’m coming up with a weekly plan.

  • Day 1: Fast Run 1 mile (6.0mph)
  • Day 2: Moderate Run 1.5 miles (between 5.5-6.0mph)
  • Day 3: Fast Run .50 mile (between 6.0mph-7mph)
  • Day 4: Long moderate to slow run 2.5 miles (between 5-5.5mph)
  • Day 5: Moderate run 1 mile (between 5.5-6.0mph)
  • Day 6: Moderate Run 1.25 miles (between 5.5-6.0mph)
  • Day 7: No run/rest day¬†

The rest day is just going to be thrown in there it might not be the last day, it might be in the middle of the running plan but this is just a general outline for me to follow. Once I feel I’ve gotten faster and better I’ll increase my speed and distance

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